Christmas: Woodland Critters

Nonono, please do not get this post confused with the horrific South Park “Woodland Critter Christmas” (hilarious though that is). This is in fact part three of my Quirky Christmas Gift Guide! Hopefully, you are all getting in to the jolly swing of Christmas: I sure I am 🙂 I did a fair bit of shopping with Angharad yesterday, as we bumbled around South Kensington (I say bumbled, because I am most inelegant in high heels).

Fine, maybe “woodland critters” does not constitute a quirky theme. But you know what? I don’t care. I am positively loving the whole woodland creatures trend that seems to have the country by the throat at the moment. The urge to go out an blow my savings on anything with a deer or a squirrel or a fox (ESPECIALLY A FOX) on it is almost overwhelming. What is even worse is that I’ve been having a brood for the last few days, and there are some adorable little girl’s dresses in H&M, smothered in big-eyed, cute owls. Owls are top dollah.

This time, I’m going to cut the crap and go straight to Etsy. Etsy is wonderful for finding adorable, cosy, “earthy” things, and woodland critters fall into this bracket. In fact, I already had several things in mind from Etsy, so I will just go straight in there, and get it out of the way.

Some of you might be expecting the Silver Fox Stole Necklace as featured on another blog a while ago. I won’t be featuring that necklace. I think the one I found from SarahBirtJewellery is even super cuter, and would make the ideal giftset for the special fox-lover in your life. They’re made to order, so you might want to order soon if you want it in time for Christmas. Also, the set is about £66, but it is all Sterling Silver. SarahBirtJewellery also has a lovely selection of bunny-related jewellery, and some owls too. Have a browse 🙂

Dancing Fox FREE SHIPPING Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

Dancing Fox earrings, ring and necklace set

Sorry, the next one is a pricey one too, but after my friend Louise directed me towards tsurubride a while back, I decided it was simply too fantastic NOT to feature. Unfortunately, it is not available in silver at the moment (the colour Louise originally showed me, for obvious reasons), but the copper is equally gorgeous. At £80, it’s no stocking filler, but maybe you could all gang together and buy me one in silver? No…?

Orwell Clutch - Copper Fox Purse

Orwell Clutch – Copper Fox Bag

I think it’s time to steer away from Etsy. I’m sure you get the idea now. And maybe I need to leave foxes alone too? I have a bit of a bias for foxes, but I realise some of you have a penchant for deer and owls. Or squirrels. OR BUNNIES 😀

As I said, Angharad and I were trawling South Kensington for Christmas shopping – by South Ken, I do of course mean the museums. After peeking into the new V&A Reading Rooms (I’m hoping Angharad will blog about this later), we headed over to the V&A proper. Their gift shop is gorgeous, and full of absolutely fabulous items. However, because it is all artistic designer clobber, it is NOT cheap. What I really really do like though, are these whisks, which are only available on their online shop. They would go wonderfully with my bunny dish rack. And they’re only £8.50 for a pair!

Bunny Whisk – set of 2

Another thing I’ve had my eyes on for a long time at the V&A is their Kozydan bunny posters. These are wonderful, adapted posters of traditional Japanese designs… But with bunnies in. I found cushion versions (I have too many posters and too little wall) on the Tate online shop. You pay £39 for the privilege (why are cushions so expensive? Really?), but come on – how awesome are these?!

Kozydan Uprisings Limited Edition Cushion

After exploring all the main museum shops (and I mainly bought stuff for Ben’s nephew & niece), we popped over to Victoria station for a sit down in Costa. Whilst we were in Victoria, we decided to stop in to Paperchase, because they sell adorable kitschy wonders. How about these zany owl key toppers? Only £5 for the two.

Pop Owls Key Caps

And we were fawning over this Christmas decoration, Mr. Stag, with a pearl necklace. You can get him in white, purple or hot pink, too. He’s only £4.50. Why not get a set of four? Overkill…? Surely not…

Black Flock Stag with White Pearl Necklace

And finally, you can never have too many owls. Whilst you won’t HAVE any change by the end of the holiday season, you really need to buy the occasional treat for yourself (don’t just Christmas shop for everyone else!) – How about this adorable little coin purse? It’s only £8 from Accessorize. Go on… You can put that 2p that you found on the street in it…

Wise Owl Novelty Purse

Wise Owl Novelty Purse


I really, really could go on. I could harp on about the forest animals all day bloody long. But, that’d be overkill, right? And I hope this has given you the critter-bug. Now you can hunt for yourself. Have lots of fun 😉

More next week! It’s only 29 days ’til Christmas!

Again, if anyone has any more ideas for themes, feel free to suggest (or even get in touch if you want to do a guest post!) And finally: happy shopping!!


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