On a steel horse I ride

Here’s a bit of self-indulgent twoddle, brought about by one of my long-standing anxieties. In March, Ben was involved in a crash whilst he was riding his motorbike to work, which left him with a broken elbow and a wrecked bike. Being the stress-head I am, I was beside myself with panic.

Well, yesterday, he started riding the bike again. It took an awful long time to be repaired (partly due to funds, partly due to legal action), but as soon as he got it back, he was away. I can’t say I’m 100% happy, but it does cut his commuting time in half.

But rather than fret and stress, I thought I’d just share some pretty pictures of the bikes Ben has ridden over the years. He has been a biker for a long time: he is a GOOD rider. In fact, the accident in March was entirely the driver’s fault – he pulled out in front of Ben without indicating, and then kept driving for a good distance whilst Ben was on his roof. In fact, the cheeky bastard took Ben to court, saying Ben was riding “without due care and attention”. Ben won the case. Should be pretty easy to get the compensation now.

Ben used to dispatch blood and organs in London (hence our network being called “Urgent Blood”). He is a savvy rider – so my worry is a little out of proportion. But you can’t predict who is going to be a bad driver, and pull out in front of you. Sigh.

Wow, this is an old photo.

What about you lot? Ever had any experience with motorbikes? Do you WISH you had a motorbike? Or do you hate them?

I asked my Twitter pals last night, but responses were pretty thin. I did however, get this gem:

@robzacher: When I was 7, I rode a motorbike straight into a tree at a school open day. It was one of those kids ones’. I broke my arm.


Oh, a last little treat, because I like to pimp this: here is a painting I did for Ben for our first Christmas together. If you’ve ever seen the anime film Akira, this will make a lot of sense. If not, just see it as Ben on a cool sci fi bike.


Image credits: I think they all belong to meeeee. Apart from that first one from the scene of the accident, which was taken by a kind bystander. Cannot remember his name. Sorry.


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