Holidays a’comin’

Tricky to be jolly at the moment. I’ve had a difficult couple of weeks, emotionally. And the weather has been dreary as. Every time I log on, eBay tells me it’s 35, 34, 33… days until Christmas, and my present stash is pitiful. I have put on weight. I have a lab report to write. It’s dark by 4pm.

It’s clear that I am having trouble feeling “Christmassy”. But then the Natural History Museum showed me the way.

Coming out of South Kensington tube station, you are met with a web of stars above your head. It was, frankly, a little magical. Nothing gaudy about NHM’s Christmas wonderland – they have strung the trees with simple white fairy lights, and obviously they have their beautiful outdoor ice rink and carousel. I stood and watched the skaters for a while, which was very calming.

So, who fancies a go? It’s open now until the 9th of January, from 10am ’til 10pm during the week, 8:45am ’til 10pm at the weekend. Adult ticket prices are £13 peak / £11.50 off-peak. So what are you waiting for?

Image credits: nope, they’re all my own.


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