Christmas: Science

Part two in the Quirky Christmas Gift Guide, and we’re into the lab for some science-related goodies. This is a more general overview of science (sorry if the images I’ve conjured up are a little cliché!) – I realise that last week was also sciencey, but hey, that’s what I go for 🙂

OK, so the ideal science gifts would be a high calibre microscope (if you’re me) or a high calibre telescope (if you’re Ben – does this say anything about out characters?), but that is a weeeee bit out of the old price bracket for normal people. So here are some cute, household items, with a nod to science (in a purely superficial way – sorry!)

Enjoy! And once again – if you have any ideas for a theme (or would like to produce a guest post “Quirky Gift Guide”!) then let me know.

OK, first up: thank you to my friend Louise for directing me on to this. Many of you will remember my Dinosaur and Woodland Critter cookies, so know that I have a penchant for novelty shaped food. So this is beauty in my eyes. Priced at $14.99 (about £9.50) from ThinkGeek:

Labcutter Science Cookie Cutters

Next up, I first saw these at the Science Museum, but had to resist buying them (miserly student that I am). They also do a s&p shaker set, but you have obviously gone out and bought the brains already, and I have a set of bull terriers that give me seasoning, so I won’t overload you with s&p. Available from various sources (sauces, haha) but usually around £20.

Scientific Oil and Vinegar Set - Click Image to Close

Scientific Oil and Vinegar

Taking a trip back to Etsy (always my wildcard!) I have found… Some amazing finds. Dear god. Hold me back from blowing my whole student budget: I could quite happily BUY Etsy if I had the funds. Here, we have soap, but not just any soap. User bubblegenius makes a variety of soaps on this theme, but this one has to be my favourite. Priced at $7.50 (£4.80), I give you: GLOW IN THE DARK SOAP.


In your element – Uranium – glow in the dark soap

Etsy is crammed full of geeky t-shirts, but to me that’s a little too obvious. I only have the one geek-shirt, and that’s a Hello Kitty one. So instead, I had a hunt around for something science-related but with an everyday use, and found this adorable notepad from nutandbee – and as every student knows, notepads are always useful! Especially cute ones! $4.50, or £2.90 in English money. (warning: browsing her shop may damage your “awwwwww” glands)

Notepad - Science Time

Notepad – Science Time

OK, because I could damage my bank account if I stay on Etsy too long, let’s move away. Remember, you can always stab words into the search engine and lose half a day. I turn away from Chemistry now (it’s not the only science, you know! Just probably the most obvious for novelty gifts) and towards Natural History – palaeontology to be precise. Christmas is soon. Have you got your decorations? No? Fairy lights even? Hmm. Then your home might be crying out for these beauties, £28 from the Natural History Museum:

Soft dinosaur fairy lights - large image

Dinosaur Soft Fairy Lights

Staying with the NHM for my final gift idea – some of you may remember my first ever guest post on someone’s blog, when Angharad kindly offered me a spot on Edible Glitter. There, I suggested you get prints of your favourite images done, rather than picking out production line generic nonsense from Ikea (ARGH the wiggly tree). NHM offers a huge range of wildlife prints, all award winning beauties of nature. Have a browse. Get you favourite animal on a poster and have it framed. It’ll look gorgeous, I promise. I would go for this adorable picture (obviously not going to lift photos like that from NHM website).

Have a browse around their print shop – prices start at as little as £15 for a small poster.


And happy shopping! Stay tuned for the next instalment next Friday 🙂



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