Studying on the run

Phew. OK, my first lab report of the semester is away, out of my hands, done.

It was a tricky one to churn out: not because it was difficult to write, but because I have been rather busy. From Cambridge to Hastings, I have been running around a lot the last few weeks. But no matter – that’s what laptops are for, right?

I love my laptop. It means I can work pretty much everywhere. I have a little HP number (with a missing Alt key, but it’s still my baby). I hear stories of people’s laptops (particularly Macs) breaking down, but I have always used HP and they have never failed me (touch wood!)

I’ve been writing on the tube, in cafés, in museums, in bed. I tend to get a lot of work done “on the run” – I’m sure a lot of students do, even if it’s “just” reading. I always have a book in my bag.

Recently, I’ve adopted the bed for doing work at home, because my desk in the living room is simply too close to the kitchen, and I find myself procrastinating. So, I prop myself up with four pillows, and arm myself with a cup of tea, and get a lot done.

Outside the house, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time at the Wellcome Collection, sitting in their café/restaurant. Not only do they have free wifi, but their caterers, Peyton and Byrne, produce delicious, wholesome food. I finally tried one of their Mainly Frosting cupcakes the other day…. Yum.

But where is your favourite place to get work done? Where do you usually study? What’s the WEIRDEST place you’ve set up in to get your work done? Maybe I’m not the only one who writes lab reports in museums!




Image credits: I took it. ME. MY cake.


5 thoughts on “Studying on the run

  1. That cupcake looks amazing.

    I’m usually very, very boring when it comes to writing. Has to be on my own, no sound, no TV. No distractions of any kind (I’ve got very little attention span to work with).

    If I’m writing fiction, this is nearly compulsory. I can’t keep hold of that thread of inspiration if there are too many external stimuli.

    If it’s studying or reading, though, I do like to find a nice warm cafe that looks safe (i.e. passers-by can’t snatch my bag while I’m engrossed… yeah, it’s a big concern in Chatham, and most cafes here are kind of open to the world). It’s terrible, but having something to eat on hand does help me focus. Something savoury. And tea.

    Weirdest place? Is the garden weird? I like to read outside in summer.

    …Yeah, I’m really dull!


    • Oh yes, I’ve become worse and worse at blocking out external distractions as I get older – is that bizarre?

      When you come to London next year, I will show you my favourite cafes to study in 😀

      Garden… I miss having a garden!


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