Books: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull: A Story

OK, I admit, this book is a bit “Goddy”, and whilst it is difficult to ignore the religious overtones (and undertones. And tones) it is possible. After all, you can just play along with the idea that this is just a lovely story about a seagull who isn’t like other seagulls: he sees something more important to life than just eating scraps.

If the religious… tones… are too much for you, worry not: it is quite short. It took me one tube journey to read. This is simply because half of the very little book is full of pictures of seagulls flying. So as an homage to this book, I won’t spend any more time with text, but rather give you MY photos of seagulls. Because seagulls are cool.

This is a very sweet book. Just mind your head for low flying Christianity.


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  4. hey i really like your seagull photography, some nice work. I’d like to ask though, if it would be okay for me to use one of those images to paint from? i’d rather ask and be told no than just steal someone’s work if you know what i mean. 🙂 thanks


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