Christmas: Brains!

OK, I’m going to do a series of posts leading up to Christmas: thematic gift ideas. Today’s theme is: BRAINS!

A bit of an odd one this. Brains aren’t for everyone (in fact, I’ve met many people who have given up on their own entirely), but I for one think brains are cool. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be on the road to neuropsychologydom.

First up, some neurons. Very, very important little blighters, these. So why not have a cuddly one? OK, the cell-plushies may not be news to some of you, but they are utterly adorable. My favourites at the moment are the “brain cell” and the “nerve cell” – look at their wee faces!!

You can buy these little guys from a variety of places, but notably I saw them in the Natural History Museum only recently. Very cool. Priced at around £7, but they do come in a few different sizes, so shop around.

Brain cell plushie

Still on the subject of neurons, I had a quick search on Etsy for “brains” (you’d be amazed at how much comes up!!) and I found the beautiful creations of toybreaker. Including this gorgeous silk-screened design, priced at $30 (about £19):

Nervous Energy, aka Fried Brains. Silkscreened microfiber necktie.

Nervous Energy (aka Fried Brains) silkscreened microfibre tie

Staying with Etsy for a moment, there seems to be a craze for vintage anatomical drawings in the crafting community. Fine by me, as they can be made into pretty fridge magnets such as this one from CrowBiz, priced at a mere $6 (about £4):

Brains Jumbo Glass Magnet for Zombie Lovers

Brain: Jumbo fridge magnet

Here’s a find that went straight on to my Amazon Wish List – a brain colouring book?! Genius!! Get yours quick – it’s only £8.99!

The Human Brain: Colouring Book

Here’s one for the dinner table: brain shaped salt and pepper shakers! I wonder which hemisphere corresponds to what seasoning… It’s on ThinkGeek, and is therefore in dollars, at $9.99. Just over £6.

Brain Salt&Pepper Shakers

And finally, probably my personal favourites (because I love novelty shaped things, and I have many ice cube trays to attest to this): BRAIN FREEZE. Brain shaped ice cubes. Would make for the most awesome cocktail party ever. Why do psychology conferences not have these? It’d break the ice at parties (whaaa whaaaaaa… That’s the bad pun trumpet, by the way). I have seen these turn up in a lot of different shops – Hunterian Museum gift shop, the Science Museum shop (do I spend too much time in museum gift shops? Oh well…). They’re available on all sorts of websites, so browse around. The cheapest I could find them was on the website linked below, a mere £4.99.

Brain Freeze ice cube tray

So concludes the first instalment in my Quirky Christmas Gift Guide. I have a few more ideas for themes lined up, but as always, your feedback is always welcome. Got a theme you want me to explore? Suggest it in comments! And happy shopping 😉


4 thoughts on “Christmas: Brains!

  1. Sure it did. In fact, I just registered @ Etsy for shopping soon. (Btw, I had read about this “Etsy” place, in Outlook or Newsweek, some time back.. though never dropped by. But seeing your blog actually made me create an account… LOL).. Anyway, thanks again. Cheers.


    • WOW ok, glad to hear I’ve made an impact! I love Etsy – loads on there, and something for everything 🙂 I used to sell on there too, but haven’t really had the time to make anything for ages… Maybe I’ll take it up again in the future.

      Anyway, happy shopping!


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