Astrid and Rebecca’s adventures in the side streets of London

After a rather intense few days at the BNS conference, Rebecca (my charming colleague from UEL) and I decided to wind down slowly, by having a brief traipse around the Hunterian Museum. My previous visit to Hunter’s collection I blogged about only recently, so I see no reason to comment to heavily on it here, only to say that Rebecca fully intends to revisit, to view it with more scrutiny. Oh, and I want brain ice-cube trays. We very quickly found ourselves at 5o’clock, and the museum’s closing time, so we headed out for a quick coffee. And then? Rebecca needed to kill time until 6pm, so we decided to have a directionless meander (some of the most interesting things are found by mistake).

We headed up past the Royal College of Surgeons, in the direction of some interesting looking buildings (we had NO idea of the area, so couldn’t guess what they were). After asking a passing postman, we discovered that we had stumbled upon New Square, a quite exclusive and up-market solicitors district. When I told this to Ben in the evening, he expressed surprise that we even managed to stumble in, unchallenged by anyone. Maybe we looked like adorable European tourists.

How fabulous are Rebecca’s boots?!

Definitely a lovely end to an amazing couple of days, so my thanks to Rebecca for being my adventuring companion, aimlessly wandering the side streets near Holborn station. Oh, and a shout out to the solicitor who grinned at us from his office. You work in a gorgeous building, and I’m hideously jealous.


3 thoughts on “Astrid and Rebecca’s adventures in the side streets of London

    • Not weird at all! I like them too, that’s why I had to get a photo in 😉

      They’re so very very English, but the fact that there were FOUR IN A ROW got me going 😀


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