Dirty Rotten Cheapskate!

You might know that I’m a little bit tight with my money. This comes from being a perpetual student. The up side is that I have a reasonable savings account. The down side is that I LIKE TO HAVE THINGS.

Compromise? Buy cheap things. You get more for your money with Cheap.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I do not always go for the cheap option. I love expensive food. I positively went out of my way to get hold of that expensive Henry Holland fox jumper. Text books can cost £50+. These things are unavoidable, and cannot be substituted (man, I love that jumper).

But there are some cheap options, one of which I indulged in with Angharad (of Edible Glitter fame) yesterday. Down Streatham High Road, there are a variety of charity shops, but my favourite of them all is the British Heart Foundation book shop. I worked with the BHF for more than two years, so I love being able to continue supporting them, whilst getting cheap books. The shop on Streatham High Road is exclusively for books, films and music, but mostly books. I now get the majority of my books there. You might argue, “yes, but there’s no guarantee that the book I want/need will be in there”, and fair enough, there is no guarantee. But you would be surprised what you DO find. Yesterday, Angharad bought four books, and I got five, and out of those, we each had one book useful for our respective dissertations. Handy much?

So, five books (and two Christmas raffle tickets) cost me the princely sum of £12.90. Backtrack to Sunday when I was visiting the British Library with Becky: in their bookshop, I saw a book I wanted that was £12.99 NEW. You do the maths, and report back to me which is the most bargainously amazing deal. Plus, rather than pumping more money into the publishers (sorry to those of my friends that WORK in publishing…Ahha) I am also giving to charity by doing this. I love the fact that miserly student me can get my book fodder and also help a worthy cause, all at the same time. Plus, someone else’s unwanted books find a loving home! Hurrah.

What did I pick up? We’ll start with the dissertation fodder:

Musicophilia, by Oliver Sacks. I have wanted this book long time – The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat was a blast, and this one is about MUSIC. What’s not to love? I will be starting this once I’ve finished my current read.

The remaining four books comprised of two non-fiction (Darwin’s Worms by Adam Phillips and The Meaning of it All by Richard Feynman) and two fiction (The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins and The Business by Iain Banks). Once again, I have bolstered my library with more books than I can reasonably read – I’m sure that if my books in London joined forces with my books in Sussex, they could overpower me and take over the world.

But it by no means stops at books – I am a royal cheapskate with clothes, too (well, aside from the Henry Holland incident). I occasionally buy clothes from eBay, but as I’m a tricky shape, I like to be able to try my clothes before I buy. So, Primarni is an obvious cheap clothes shop. A lot of my favourite clothes actually come from charity shops, and (heaven forfend) supermarkets. In fact, last night (whilst hunting down the ridiculous 2for£3 offer on Ben&Jerry’s) at Asda, I found THE perfect t-shirt for me:

Ah, bliss. And a bargain at £4. I love being a cheapskate.


2 thoughts on “Dirty Rotten Cheapskate!

    • I intend to wear the t-shirt with pride at day two of the British Neuropsych Society’s conference.

      I limited the B&J thing to four tubs. I sooooo could have bought more, but thought that was a really, really bad idea.
      That said, I haven’t even started on them yet. I am SO well behaved 😀


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