Louise Brooks

Today, you don’t get a proper post. You get so much more. You get Louise Brooks.

Often affectionately referred to as Lulu, Mary Louise Brooks was a 20s/30s movie starlet, model, dancer, showgirl and general gorgeous babe. My thanks go to Ben for introducing me to her glamour, as he holds a large collection of vintage Lulu photographs (including the picture above).

Brooks was a big part of what made the bob fashionable. And what self-respecting girl doesn’t dream of being the iconic silent-movie star? She has a fair collection of films to her name, although several have been lost. She has been described as “the most seductive, sexual image of Woman ever committed to celluloid” (by her biographer Kenneth Tynan), and I hope you can see why. I think she is wonderful.

Brooks was by no means perfect – like a lot of celebrities, she had a strong attitude and a stormy love life. She even had an affair with Charlie Chaplin. If you can hunt down a Louise Brooks film (the most famous is Pandora’ Box), then I think you’ll enjoy it, if just for the wild vintage hit. Several films are now available on DVD.

And Ben’s photo collection? Well, I finally bought an enormous album last night and arranged them all in there. If we had a coffee table, then the album would be a permanent feature there.


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