Cathedrals and Goths

Wouldn’t that be a fab combination?!

No, it didn’t happen like that, but that’s what my day yesterday involved. I did two of my favourite things yesterday: sang in a cathedral by day, dressed up and danced at night. Fantastic.

I’m sure you all know by now that I have eclectic tastes in what I find enjoyable. I sing in a choir, but I also love the goths.

My day started a bit lamely – I was rudely awoken at 4am by a blinding leg cramp. I didn’t really sleep properly after that. So, around 7am, Ben and I clambered out of bed and had some breakfast, etc. He played on the PS3 whilst I tried to have a power nap, but needed to head out around 10am. My destination? Guildford!

I got in at Guildford station around 11:20, and decided I NEEDED coffee before my lift arrived. Grabbing a vanilla latte for sustenance, I headed out the back of the station to meet my fellow choir members for a lift to the cathedral.

The service was a re-dedication for the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem (St John’s Ambulance), and therefore quite important for our choir in terms of getting ourselves established as a top notch choir. It was doubly important for our choir master (Leslie Olive) as one of the psalms we sang had been set/composed by him (finished only a few days ago). Despite the very last-minute learning of said psalm (Psalm 121, I will lift up mine eyes), it did all come together and sounded absolutely lovely, in my opinion.

The service itself was full of ceremony and everyone was dressed up in rather frightening black robes (I said, more than once, “THEY LOOK LIKE BATS”. I’m sure I was very annoying).

The choice of hymns (and the anthem, from Lauridsen) was lovely, and whilst I’m not religious (I am a non-aggressive atheist) I did enjoy the readings. We were all done by about 3:30pm, and everyone processed out very solemnly. Outside, waited a St John’s brass band. We got a fanfare as we drove out of the grounds 😉

A short train ride and I was home – I was met by Ben furiously cleaning the flat. I should have friends to stay more often: I’ve never seen our flat so tidy!

About 7pm, the Taylors arrived! Sas and Matt had come down from Milton Keynes to join us for a fun night out in town. We’d set up an inflatable mattress for them: there’s nothing that ruins a night out more than having to leave early to catch a train. So, we hung out in the flat for a bit, before putting on our glad rags and getting moving. Ben wasn’t drinking, so he decided to drive us up to the club (travelling in style and luxury! No need to worry about rapists! Hurrah). It was a dream come true for Matt: going through London in a Capri belting out “choons” was apparently like being in a movie.

We arrived at Slimelight shortly after opening, so it wasn’t too busy yet. But that was soon changed: people filtered in, mostly wearing black but with a variety of intriguing accessories. Ben and I had chosen coloured contacts (me in black, him in white) as our added weapons. Slimelight is a big, members only goth club. If you’re a non-member, there are two ways to get in: know a member, or look the part. We looked the part.

As well as many dance rooms (with varieties of music: Ben and I liked the ravey room best), the club also serves food (they had a barbecue!), has pool tables, many bars, and runs occasional events: we were privy to goth bingo, and participated in karaoke! Brilliant.

Mainly, I loved dancing in the electronic style room because the UV lighting made my outfit look AWESOME.

As far as karaoke goes, I went for a nerve-wracking rendition of Love Cats, and later on, Sas and I teamed up for a blinding performance of 99 Red Balloons. Both were REALLY well received 🙂

Great fun. Thanks to the chaps at Slimelight – you’re a lovely lot 🙂


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