Rattus norvegicus

Well folks, I’m in a bit of a rush today, but I won’t let you go without. But you’ll have to make do with a short post and plenty of adorable photos of my rats.

I have two pet rats: Bubble and Squeak. They are cousins, and I got them in January this year. They were kindly given to me by a lady just outside of London, whose own rats had two unexpected litters. Their rat cage was free, and came off Freecycle (bonus: these cages can be £100 and more).

I think rats have got bad press. People think they’re horrible and bitey and filthy. They’re not. They are the most sociable rodents you could possibly get. They are very intelligent, inquisitive and affectionate. My girls are quite cheeky, but mostly well behaved. They are not wire-chewers either – I can happily let them roam the living room, safe in the knowledge that they just want to snoop around.

So, enough chat, time for their adorableness.

Bubble likes to climb people

Bubble gauging distance – can I jump to the chair..? Risky…

Squeak is slightly less agile than Bubble – she’s a bit of a porker!

Nosey ratty looking at my stuff!!

Rats are very easy to keep – I got them because Ben is away at work all day, whilst I’m mostly at home alone studying. They make fantastic company, but are very low maintenance – if you need to go out all day, they are quite content pottering around their cage (they do need quite big cages – there are calculators online to help you find the right size), as long as you give them things to keep them occupied! Bubble loves her running wheel, and they both love to sleep a lot 🙂 Most of all, they love to explore.

If you’re thinking about getting rats, please do plenty of reading and make sure it’s right for you. Make sure you know someone (or find someone!) nearby who is able to look after them for you if you go away on holiday. Make sure you’ve got the time to fuss over them every day. They really are lovely.

If you want to do a bit of reading, there are plenty of websites online packed with info. My personal recommendation is the Fancy Rats forum 🙂


5 thoughts on “Rattus norvegicus

    • Hehe, they are very sweet. Was flipping Squeak on her back and tickling her belly last night. She must have loved it, because she kept coming back for more… >=D


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