Food: The salmon with clout

As opposed to the salmon of doubt. See what I did there?

I’ve been at my mum’s again. She is still trying to offload courgettes on me (I’m not complaining), so lunch was another round of the previously featured courgette gratin.

But this time, I had another one of her ingenious creations alongside it. Ichthyophobes look away now: I had baked salmon fillet wrapped in parma ham.

This is a very easy way to perk up salmon. Not that salmon particularly needs perking, but sometimes it’s nice to give something a simple twist, to mix things up a bit.

Want it? It’s unbelievably simple. And I’ll even throw in some suitable side dishes, if for some bizarre reason you don’t fancy courgette gratin. I apologise for the vagueness of this recipe – I do not write recipes for a living. Go with your gut, I guess.

You will need:

  • One salmon fillet per person (I don’t know – as big as you like it to be, although if it’s REALLY big bear in mind you will have to cook them longer)
  • One slice of parma ham per person
  • Some potatoes for MASHIN’
  • A jar of green pesto (or make your own, if you’ve got time to kill – personally, I do not)
  • Olive oil
  • A punnet of cherry tomatoes
  • Sooooome herbs. Herbs de provence maybe? Whatever tickle your fancy.

Make it!

  1. OK, before you turn on the oven, you need a shallow overproof dish. Tip in the cherry tomatoes (just a single layer – don’t pile them), slosh over olive oil (enough to coat them) and sprinkle on some herbs for FLAVA.
  2. Now, bung the toms in the oven, and whack it up to 190C – it’s ok, you weren’t MEANT to reheat it. Trust me.
  3. Whilst the oven is heating up (with the toms in it), wrap your salmon fillet in a slice of parma ham. Do this as many times as you need servings. Put the fillet(s) on a baking tray, and once the oven has actually REACHED 190C, pop the salmon in
  4. The salmon will take about 25mins to cook through, which is about the same amount of extra time the toms need. Perfect.
  5. Whilst the salmon and toms are cooking, make up your mash. Any method will do, I really don’t care. Whatever makes good mash for you. Try not to add TOO much cream/butter/whatever, because once the mash is made…
  6. Add pesto to it! This makes green mash. What not to love? The amount of pesto you use depends on how much mash you’ve made. Just keep adding until it’s beautifully green and tastes nommy. Pesto is no bad thing.
  7. Once you’re done, the toms will be lovely and mooshy and the parma ham will be lovely and crisp. Dish up, and put some more pesto on you salmon – trust me.
  8. BEAR IN MIND that the toms WILL be volcanically hot. What is it with my mum making food that BURNS you? Oh well. It’s delicious.

Enjoy. It’s ok – you don’t have to thank me 😉

Don’t like fish? Try it with chicken I guess. I have no idea how long it’d take to cook. You might want to check the net for a recipe for that… Hmm.


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