My milkshake…

Don’t even. That’s an awful, sinful song.

Right you lot – I’m going to share with you the wonderfulness of milkshakes. OK, you’re saying, we’ve had milkshakes before. McD’s do a half decent Mars one at the moment…

No. These are not like yo’ momma’s milkshakes. The milkshakes I’m talking about should come with a warning. A Shake-gasm warning.

I’m talking about two wonderful places (that are basically the same idea, just rebranded): Shakeaway, and now (just discovered by Ben recently) Shaketastic. The names themselves are pretty “blah”, but the shakes? They will make you fall in love again.

These guys will give you frickin’ ANYTHING in a shake. You want a chocolate shake? Aero, smarties, cookies, creme egg, whatever… You can get skittles, jelly babies, peanut butter, malt, candy floss, apple pie, walnut whip. You can ask for Maltesers, jaffa cakes, even licorice allsorts. The possibilities are (almost) endless.

You know what’s even cooler? Shaketastic will damn well DELIVERY TO YOU. What an awesome idea! Order them for the whole office. It will cheer up the day SEVERELY.

Friday night, after my fun day out with Sarah and Angharad, I went up to West Hampstead to meet Ben’s new work mates at the pub. Had a lovely chat, drank and socialised until about 9:30-10. And then? Shaketastic is open late. Midnight or even 1am. Genius.

Ben got a “Chocoholic” (basic milkshake base, with fudge brownie, a chocolate bar of your choice (Ben went for mint Aero), topped with coco pops) and I chose an “American Dream” (basic milkshake base, with Reese’s peanut butter cups, Fluff!, whipped cream and topped with Lucky Charms). What an ace way to end the day. It is a serious touch of genius that they are open so late. I will be going back.

And if you want to be healthy (LMAO)? Shaketastic also do fruit smoothies and juices. Just on the off chance you can resist and kinder bueno and ferrero rocher milkshake. Good luck.


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