Fast cars and power tools

The next part in the Big Capri saga? I got to have a ride in it.

Oh. My. God.

It’s a big, grunty, angry beast. It roars. It is beautiful.

Ben drove us down to the jet wash (taking a bit of a detour so that he could do some corners and roar the engine a bit – wheeee….!) to give the car a good, well needed clean. Remember, this car has been basically ignored on a driveway in Suffolk for the past few years. It was crying out for a clean. It had moss growing on the window seals.

Jet washes are brilliant, aren’t they? Nothing will ever top the TurtleWax jetwash we used in Berwick-upon-Tweed in July, which had multicoloured foam and smelt of cherries. But still, it saves a lot of bucket-and-sponge work, which was the bane of my childhood. About £5 (I had to keep topping up the machine with change) and a lot of scrubbing and spraying later, the car was mostly clean. Back to the flat, and to park in the garage.

Unfortunately, one of the locks was a bit bust or something (I suspect the key had just been lost, but Ben refuses to admit this). Solution? ANGLE GRINDER 🙂

I enjoy power tools. They’re quite scary, but WOW they do stuff. So I was allowed to free the padlock from from the garage door – Permanently >:D

Then, we simply just took turns butchering various pieces of metal for photo opportunities.

So, you can see my day yesterday was almost in reaction to all the cultured and thinky-type-stuff I’ve been doing all week. Power tools are fun.


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