It begins!

Things have gotten a bit weird.

On our drive to Asda last night, we went past a house whose occupants are obviously preparing well in advance –

What’s the big idea, chaps? It’s three months until Christmas!! This is madness.

Of course that said, this sighting has prompted me to wonder what on earth to get people for Crimbo. I don’t even know what I want, how am I supposed to know what everyone else wants?!

I imagine it’ll be another mail order Christmas: Firebox, PresentsForMen, that sort of thing. Or I could just Adopt Tigers for everyone

Nawww. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

In other news, I’m a bit stiff this morning – did more exercise last night, and this time I employed my mp3 player, which meant that I “got into the zone”. 20 minutes on the rowing machine, and the punch bag won’t make the mistake of crossing ME again. HAH.


Tonight, as Ben heads up to Suffolk on the train (he’s liberating his parents’ driveway of the Beast Capri! Hurrah!) I will be having an evening of scienceyness. First, I’m heading to the Natural History Museum’s Science Uncovered event, then I’m off to the Royal Institution to hear Professor Simon Baron-Cohen talk about Empathy and the Human Brain. I will take photos and report tomorrow 🙂


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