Eager Beaver!

I need to share with you the contents of last night’s fortune cookies:

Nice, huh?

Right, well now that we have those two tokens of optimism in mind: I officially enrolled today! Yes, yesterday’s induction was just a bit of show and tell – today was the proper enrolment shizzle. Today, I got my student ID and all that jazz.

I had my first ever ride on the DLR – from Bank all the way to Cyprus (the station, not the island). DLR is neat in the sense that you have a nice view of the city, but it does throw you around quite a lot. I can’t say it felt all that safe.

Advantages of UEL Docklands over Stratford campus? Cyprus is a dedicated station for UEL. So you step off the DLR and… There is UEL. UEL Docklands campus itself is pretty impressive –

Docklands Campus

Unlike Stratford (which is set mostly in a gorgeous, old-fashioned building), Docklands is quite modern. And, despite warnings from Dr Jansari yesterday that enrolment would be lengthy and horribly busy, the actual enrolment process was slick, quick and painless. The staff were really organised and helpful, sporting the latest technology to see them through (namely iPads – I’m not an Apple user myself, but they seemed to do the job). Within five minutes of arriving, I had my own student ID card (woo! The photo actually turned out all right this time!) and UEL Progress card. Having taken over an hour to get to Docklands (remember, I am based in Lambeth), and expecting enrolment to take ages, I was left a bit dazed and not really knowing what to do with myself.

I wandered aimlessly for 30 minutes around a campus that I would probably never see again. I got a free T-mobile goodie bag. In my goodie bag there were T-mobile branded post-its (like I don’t have enough bloody stationary…), a free bag of microwave popcorn (woo!) and, most importantly, word FRIDGE MAGNETS!! I immediately tossed the ones that actually said “T-mobile” on them (pointless advertising on my fridge? I think not), and added the rest to my collection of poetry fridge magnets. My fridge now looks like this:

You do need to get your own word magnets. You can amuse yourself FOREVER.

And so forth.

Anyway, after getting my free toys, I got bored and headed home (reading Pinker’s “The Language Instinct” all the way home – and hearing Black English Vernacular in action as I passed through Brixton, innit). When I got home, I penned the email I promised to Dr Jansari regarding my dissertation, basically BEGGING him to be my supervisor. Well, he responded within minutes. He was incredibly positive, and has suggested we arrange a meeting to discuss ideas. He also asked lots of questions about my first degree etc., which I take to be a good sign.

Man, I kiss ass GOOD.

Right, I’m going back to my goliath pint of tea, and getting on with business. SHIT, I’M DOING A MASTERS.

(Lovingly hand painted by Ben. See? I told you we’d done the pottery painting thing before)


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