Painting the town

Haha! I have the results of Saturday’s Smarty Paints madness for your perusal.

Yesterday, I had a busy day. A lot of it consisted of public transport, walking, and confusion (and not just on my part).
My day started with a Capri-related errand. Now, some of you know that we have a Ford Capri – Ben has ALWAYS had Capris. He has been through 13 of them in his lifetime so far. There was a point earlier this year when he owned three at once. Now we just have a black Mk1 and a big red monster with a v8 engine (which has been sat on his parents’ drive for YEARS. His mum is getting piiiissed…)

Benny’s bitches

Anyway. The black car needed fixing. Something or other was wrong with starter motor thingy, something to do with teeth and…whatever, I don’t get cars. Ben took the car to Waddon (Croydon) to have it fixed. He took the train home. And then… He started his new job. When will he pick the car up? He’s at work whilst they’re open! OK, I can go and pick up the keys, bring them home, then we can go and pick up the car outside of their opening hours.

So, yesterday, I left that house at 10am, got to Waddon around 10:40, walked to A&A Auto-electricals (11am) and said, “hello! I’m here to pay you and collect the Capri keys”. Oh, but it’s still in the workshop. And besides, the industrial estate is locked at night. Um… Can we leave it parked on a residential road? Fair enough. A bit of faffing (and money) later, I take the keys and leave the shop around midday.

I walk back to Waddon station (and resist Wing Yip – tricky), and hop on a train to Balham (12:30). I get to Balham around 1pm, and walk up to Smarty Paints – I don’t get TOO lost, but meander a bit. When I get there, the place is empty, but the lady very very nice 🙂

She presents me with my WONDROUS creations 🙂 How pleased am I? Very, to say the least.

Kitty piggy bank!

Ben’s mug – kitty kisses

Ratty handle

Insane smiley

Yin Yang rats

Needless to say, we’re happy as pigs in muck. Ben has taken his mug to his new workplace to use there, and the Cheshire piggy bank is for all our pound coins, and once a month we will use the money to drink ourselves silly (or we’ll continuously forgot to take out the money, and we’ll end up RICH. A girl can dream)

So there we are. I ended up finally getting back home at around 2:30. And then, at 5, I left to meet Ben at his work, and we hopped on a train to go right back to Waddon…

Anyone want to go paint pottery..?


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