Assembling my words into comprehensible sequences

I am terribly guilty of going through bursts of things. I was reminded of this phenomenon by the wonderful Hyperbole and a Half, brought to my attention by my friend Louise. I immediately forwarded that particular comic to Ben. He needed to see it.
You see, like Allie Brosh, Ben and I both suffer from different forms of this disease: we convince ourselves that Today will be the new day, the new start. We spend a long time building up to The Day, preparing for it. We buy all the necessary supplies. We rearrange the flat to accommodate it. And then, after an initial burst of enthusiasm, everything else gets in the way and we return to our normal, lazy rhythms.

Take for example, Ben starting his new job yesterday – he bought an Oyster travel card and everything, wore his suit, I made him a packed lunch, he commuted, and everything. Then I made the mistake of mentioning to his sister how grown up and “normal” he was being, and how proud I was of him.
“It won’t last.”
“Well, he’s been waiting for a fresh start for a long time…” I defend
“Yes, but he does have a bit of a track record”
And he does. And so do I. But I still think it’s a bit unfair to call it before it’s over. To be fair, already today he had said the novelty of the commute had worn off… Oops.
We’ll see – I have complete faith in him, and whilst I think the initial rush will dip down, I think he’s got his sights set on the bigger picture, and the Bright Future. We will just have to wait and see.

As for me, I start my MSc at UEL soon, and whilst Stratford is not exactly the promised land, it does symbolise the start of my career development. Finishing the MSc will just a small part of the battle towards Neuropsychology-dom – a doctorate awaits, if I can get a place on it.

UEL Stratford Campus

UEL Stratford Campus

As quite a lot hinges on my doing well at this course, I have been reading a lot, preparing a lot, imagining myself as being the model student. I have (mostly) everything prepared, and I plan to buddy up with Ashok Jansari as much as possible in an effort to woo him into being my dissertation supervisor (that is, if I can overcome my utter fear of people, especially intelligent ones. Oh, and if I can decide on a topic).

Anyway, trying to do a lot at once (volunteering, studying, finishing the last module on the London Met certificate course (PY1026C, research methods), choir, etc.) causes me to overheat and die. Being a fairly anxious person, and it getting towards autumn now, I suffer a slightly suppressed immune system in this sort of set-up. And then working at the museum, having to talk to the filthy public… well, it leads to this:

Yes, that is Hello Kitty

That’s right folks – flu and fatigue. I’m amazed I didn’t pass it on to anyone (that I know of) because, instead of take time for R&R, I dosed myself up on medication and pushed on through it. I know, what a martyr. But you know the saying – live now, sleep when your…well, when it’s the weekend. I was crashed out most of Sunday, but here I am again! Ready to give it another go 🙂

I feel like I’ve been writing (well, typing) an awful, awful lot lately. I’ve successfully managed to maintain a Twitter-profile for the past month or so (a personal record), I’ve been assembling lab reports and other essay paraphernalia for college, writing (albeit short) book reviews, jotting up ideas for guest posts for Edible Glitter and look, I’m even posting on my own blog for the third time in less than a week! So let’s hope this time I can sustain the enthusiasm.


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