Remember me?

I’ll be honest: I do occasionally remember I have a blog, and think “Oh, I should really post something” but somehow, everything else is far more important. Even sitting on the sofa, vegging at the TV.

But I have had a busy week! Not only have I been grappling with London Met’s PY1026C module (Research Methods 1), but I have managed to struggle through the entire thing with some awful cold/tummy bug. Hurrah.

I didn’t manage to finish my final lab report today, but as that’s only due by Wednesday, I’m not stressing overly.

But it was surprisingly enjoyable – our lecturer (one Giovanni Moneta) was hugely entertaining, and actually made basic statistical analysis a joy to learn. Whilst I am still a bit miffed about the set up at London Met, I am glad I attended the course, if just to hear him use boxing as an analysis for psychological research:
“I’m a good boy – I train every day”
“Who gives a shit? Punch him out!!”

Other things I have been enjoying lately include German pastries (holy crap, that website hits you like an 18-wheeler), watching Ben get scared and helping out at the Horniman Museum‘s fund-raising event:

The Horniman Conservatory

This involved me lurking around the Gardens of the Horniman, holding a clipboard and chatting to about 100 perfectly fabulous middle-class benefactors. I had a great time, learnt a lot about the Gardens’ redevelopment plans, and was even given delicious canapés, prepared by the wonderful Suzanne James and her team.

Finally, I would like to share with you my most recent and most favourite clothing purchase:

That’s right: it’s a jumper with a “fox stole” design. I adore this. I saw it in Time Out two weeks ago and had to have it.

At £38, it is not something I would usually buy (what with having no money…) but it was too good to be true. It’s a silver fox, people! I was so pleased when I finally got hold of it from Debenhams (I went in twice to find they didn’t have it in my size until a shop assistant offered to have it delivered free to my flat), that I wore it two days in a row. I even had a compliment from the wonderful Miranda Richardson (a story which I have told to death now – let’s just accept that I met her).

However, upon first washing – and I was VERY careful to follow the label’s instructions to the letter – PART of it shrank. Not all of it – just part. Now, as it is 1% Angora (the white parts of the fox are slightly fluffy) I would imagine that if anything shrank, it would be these parts. However, only the head end shrank, not the tail. Bizarre.

But yesterday I went back to Debenhams at Clapham Junction, and they replaced it, no quibbles. They even refunded me £7.60 as said jumper is currently on sale 🙂

I will be washing the fox by hand from now on. It is simply too wonderful to risk!


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