Back on the old warhorse!

Right. We’re almost back to 100% functionality.

HELLO! I’m back from holidays 🙂 Sorry it took so long to getting around to writing this up (it’s been quite a few weeks since we got back…) but things have been rather busy.
As you can see from previous post, it could have gone a little smoother, but unfortunately, That’s Life. I’m not going to go off an a philosophical rant, because I don’t think I have the emotional stamina (not today, maybe later), but instead focus on the good that came of the holiday.

Northumberland. It is gorgeous.

I swear, I enjoy it more every time. It’s a bit tricky organising Jane’s kids, but then they are young, and quite, quite mad.
It sounds cruel, but much as I enjoy hanging out with them, I hope in August when we go again, we do more Kitten+Fox stuff on our own – when we go out and about with the kids, it’s fun, but we stay in quite a fixed 20 mile radius around the cottage, and often do the same sort of activities in the week. I’m still waiting to go cycling, kayaking, walk Hadrian’s Wall, see Kielder observatory, etc…

Must come up with a more focussed itinerary for summer. Then we should be ok 🙂

I am fairly certain I want to move up here within the next decade or so. I feel very… well. I feel at ease away from London. Maybe it’s being away from people? I do like my creature comforts though (I got myself into a real tizz when I was thwarted TWICE in the week in my efforts to have a decent bath), but I think I could put up with a little lack if it meant I didn’t have to deal with twats on the tube every day of the week.

I love London. Really, I do. I know we have our differences, but that’s what love boils down to in a way.
In London, I have access to culture and knowledge. Everything is on my doorstep here, and most of it is free. I could do something different every day of the week, and hardly break the bank. Just this Tuesday, Vin (an old uni mate) and I braved the National Gallery, St Martin-in-the-Fields, the National Portrait Gallery AND the British Library, all in one afternoon. Granted, we barely scratched the surface of each institution, but it was fantastic.

But in London… There is a lack of privacy. There is a lack of the sweet sense of solitude. In Northumberland, even in their bigger towns, it is quiet, and people smile at you. And nearly every town has it’s own ruined castle. Brilliant. Unfortunately, there is next to no industry, so unless you’re involved with tourism, run an internet business, or are filthy rich already, it’s difficult to forge a living there.


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