Typical! Just about to have out Easter break from uni, and I come down with a horrid cold-thing. Obviously I can only get ill when I have the time. Just hope I’m not too ill to sing this weekend.

You may have noticed I rehauled the layout of my blog. This is more along the lines of how I want to brand my new shop. Still a bit generic at the moment, but I’m still working on it – just got a bit sick of the all-black look; I think I’m getting a bit too old for that! I plan to incorporate some other elements (cutesy ones!) but I’m fond of the London sky line. Still no firm thoughts on a name.

But what have I been working on, in preparation for my new shop? I’ve decided to focus on my strengths (i.e. easy things, that I believe I make well, and that sell!), being fibre crafts. I love making beaded jewellery, I believe I produce really nice pieces, and have received a LOT of compliments for my jewellery products – however, not a single jewellery piece has sold. So unfortunately, I’ll be calling a halt to production of jewellery for retail purposes – it is simply a flooded market. Any jewellery I make in the future will be only for me, or as gifts for friends.

So what does sell? Cute crochet things, like this:

It’s a mouse! Yay! I’m also working on other crochet critters, after the success of those ‘shrooms.

AND I ordered some new felting needles – my last one broke ages ago, and I never got around to replacing it.

And now, a Current News Rant

There is talk of altering Daylight Savings by an extra hour, to match the rest of Europe. The idea behind it is to make summer evenings longer –If the clocks were put forward by two hours, it would mean summer evenings would be lighter for longer, with the sun setting at about 2200 BST in June.”
Now, for me, the issue would be yes, longer evenings, but DARK mornings. Not really a good start to the day.
However, what “farmers” seem to object to is that it would make their days very long. EH!?
One Devon poultry farmer: “I’d have to get up an hour earlier in the morning for my chickens and they wouldn’t go to bed any earlier – it would be about 1130 [2330] in the summer.”

No. No. Changing the clocks forward would not alter the laws of physics. “Time” is a manmade concept. There will still be as many hours of light in the day, we’re just shifting the label. Get up with the chickens, and go to bed with the chickens. If anything, you’d be getting up an hour LATER. Your chickens will get up with the sun, just like they always do. They won’t get up any earlier, just because you turned their clocks forward. In fact, if you give your chickens a clock, you’re a bit weird.
Chickens will NOT react to daylight savings. They won’t suddenly go “Oh, it’s still dark out, but the clock says 7am. I should probably get moving…”

It amazes me that people can be this stupid.


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