Tea break

OK, I’ll freely admit, I’m lame at blogging.
Maybe it’s because I’m ultra busy (bull! I spend most of the day in front of my computer, and I could easily take 10 mins out whilst I drink my umpteenth cup of tea to blog occasionally…).
Maybe it’s because I’m paranoid of crazy stalkers reading about my life obsessively (unlikely! Does anyone even read this? Ever?)
Maybe I have very little to write about, or I have nothing FUN to write about (I am sick of re-reading whingey blog posts of mine…)

Whatever the reason, I am Bad at Blogging.

But what’s been going on lately? Bits of good, bits of bad. Let’s start with some good 🙂

So, we’re clearing out a lot of stuff – Mr. Fox is tweaking up his big Capri (i.e. the sporty one which has been sitting on his parents’ drive for the last 3 years) in order to 1. take it for a track day with his dad and 2. sell it!
And we’re selling our lives on eBay – I’ve been listing items EVERY DAY for the last two weeks, and plan to keep going for a few weeks more…
We’ve taken everything out of one garage (which we are now renting out to a lovely man with a 1928 Ford) and somehow managed to cram it all into the other garage (overflowing!)
I “freecycled” a whole load of stuff, mostly from Mr Fox’s aunty’s (RIP) flat.Gave me an enormous sense of well being, giving appliances etc. a new lease of life, and giving needy people big things for free. I had two chaps that had just gotten a new flat, and they got the old fridge, washer and dryer! They had to make three trips, but hey, they save several hundred pounds there.

Now a bad thing (balance is good) – Mr Fox’s doggy (a greyhound that used to live with him in London, and now lives with his parents in Suffolk) has a lump on her shoulder 😦 She has had biopsies and so forth, and it’s NOT cancer, but it is growth on the bone that is apparently not going to go away. The only operation they can do on it would be to amputate the leg, but that would be really difficult for her as she’s quite old, and adjusting would be hard. The good news is that the vet said the lump has receded slightly since their last visit, and the pain in manageable. They’ve booked in another appointment for 3 months time to check on it and… well, we’ll just have to wait and see 😦

And a final piece of good news (because I’m nice like that 🙂 )
I’ve worked out that, aside from text books, I get through about 1.2 books a month. Good, eh? OK, maybe this is not “good news” so much as a personal triumph for me (I used to read loads when I was younger, and it was beginning to fall by the wayside), but it’s my blog, so there!


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