Back a step, ready for the run up…

We are just about back to normal. After the horrible job experience, the disabling snow (which stopped play for everything), the funeral… my life is starting to resemble its former self (before I left uni and everything went a bit wrong).

I suppose the last few months haven’t been a complete waste – if they have taught me anything it’s what NOT to do. Doing a “normal” job didn’t suit me at all – no room for creativity (or a brain at all, apparently) and it completely crippled me in terms of pursuing all those other things I had just accepted as part of my everyday life. Since I finished my degree in July, I think I’ve only played my bass two or three times. I haven’t drawn anything. I can’t remember when I last read a book.

But I’ve left the vile IT consultancy behind. I won’t look back (except maybe to laugh, bitterly, at how badly it was run: evidence for theory of groupthink). Mr Fox and I aren’t at home to Mr Badluck this year (but we aren’t so naive as to think everything will be easy). I realise going back into higher education will be incredibly tough (london met have already tried to pull a fast one with regards to course fees) but in the long run it will make me sane.


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