Snow and robbery

Wow. I feel like I’ve robbed an old lady.

The Fox’s great aunt Floss died on Boxing Day. This put a major downer on the holiday season, because Floss was a lovely lady. And as Fox was her only relative also living in London (she was a Wandsworth resident, so not far from us), we got quite close to her, helping her out when she needed it, visiting her and taking care of her affairs whilst she was in hospital… And now we’re helping to plan her funeral. Yesterday, we went to her old flat to start clearing it out. We now have a new fridge-freezer, tumble dryer, washing machine and microwave, as well as a lot of cleaning products, tinned and frozen food, and some alcohol too. It all sounds great, but I still feel like I’ve robbed an old lady. It was really strange, going into her old flat, not to visit her, but to empty it of its contents. I think she would have liked it though, to know that her old stuff is going to a good home, rather than being chucked out.

But we will remember her well. I think that’s the best thing you can do for a loved one that has passed away. I didn’t know her for long, and she wasn’t my relative, but she was an awesome lady, who loved cats and was an independent spinster til the end. Wicked sense of humour, and very caring.


3 thoughts on “Snow and robbery

  1. Do you ever do that thing where you don't realise someone you know has a blog, and then you find it and read ALL OF IT and then feel mildly uncomfortable like a creepy stalker? Hi there.That aside, when my Great Auntie Hilda died a few years back I ended up emptying out her flat with various family members. Apart from eating all of her food, I got her sewing box, an awesome sturdy wooden thing with loads of neat thread reels and one of those mushroom things for darning socks and all kinds of stuff. It's great because I can really feel the history behind it. I think handing things down to loved ones is important, and I hope when I die my house gets raided by a bunch of my relatives.(Also, we found out that she worked at Bletchley Park in WW2, cracking the enigma code. Way to keep a secret, auntie!)


  2. To be fair, I never really made a song and dance about it – and I'm awful at keeping blogs, as I'm sure you can tell.Awesome about the Bletchley Park thing :)I hope my stuff all gets handed down through the ages too – but it's definitely weird going and clearing out a house, due to death.


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