Return of the absent kitten

That’s right! I’m back!

Sorry for the hiatus. Things went a bit wrong. I had a bit of a false start. Thank god it’s over.

The long and short of it? Don’t work for small, family-run businesses. Nepotism. Serious favouritism. Bullying. I walked out. They gave me hush money.

We’ll pen it down to life experience.

And now? New Year. New start. The Fox and I have agreed that in 2010, we are not at home to Mr Bad-luck. New set of regimes. New push towards Bright New Future. Dad says he’d rather fund for me to be in higher education for a few more years than let me make a big mistake and be stuck in a job I hate.

Possibility of an MSc on the horizon? I hope so. I’ve always dreamed of having a whole stream of letters after my name…


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