An Oddball Guide to Suffolk #1

OK, I realise I am starting a lot of new blog features recently… Blame it on my ADD, baby (or, you know, the fact that MY MSC IS OVER. Did I mention that?)

This one is pretty close to my heart though. Since moving to Suffolk, I admittedly have not fully embraced everything it has to offer, but I am determined to debunk the myth that “there’s nothing to do in the country”. Honestly, pfft.

So every now and then, I will post updates of upcoming weird and wonderful local events, hidden gems, things I’ve found and loved, that sort of thing. Most of them will be those local to me (i.e. Suffolk Coastal district) but if you live in Suffolk (UK, not VA, my lovely American readers – sorry!) and you know of an awesome THING happening near you, please let me know in the comments so I can share on my next update!

So to start you off:

Jimmy’s Farm – Farmer’s Market & Wellbeing Event

I love farmer’s markets. And I love good mental health. Oh look! This Saturday 4th October, from 9:30am Jimmy’s Farm (just outside of Ipswich) are running a free family event, as part of Suffolk Health & Wellbeing month. Park up, browse the stalls, enjoy the music, meet the cute animals. Did I mention that Jimmy’s Farm is pretty awesome?

Woodbridge Shuck

Seafood lovers rejoice! THE SHUCK IS COMING! For three whole days, that’s 3rd-5th October, the lovely riverside town of Woodbridge will be a slave to the most delicious of water-dwelling molluscs (and oysters, but I don’t like them at. all.) There are WAY too many events to list in full here – find more info at !

Foxburrow Farm – Apple Day

Ok, I confess, I’ve never been to Foxburrow Farm. Which is terrible really, because they are just down the road from me (I pass the turn off on my way to work!) and the name is AWESOME and they always have great sounding events on. I used to work with a guy who volunteered there, too. So are you made about apples? Apple eating, apple juice, apple sauce… AND THERE WILL BE BEE KEEPING ADVICE! OMG I must go (I really love bees).

It’s on Sunday 12th October, from 12noon-4pm and entry is only £3 (£2 for kiddies!)

Going, going….GO SOBER!

Hello folks -
Just a quick one: as we stand on the brink of October (TOMORROW, would you believe!) I’m here to tell you that I’m going sober for October! For the next 31 days, I will not be consuming alcohol (aside from the stuff I absorb through my hands every time I go in and out of a hospital ward – so, a lot).

Um, why? Well, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support (the charity funding my current community post). Also, because giving up alcohol is good, etc. etc. (no, really!)

If you want to sponsor me, click on the big fox with her cocktail:


What I Wore #1

OK, I’m new to this whole “outfit sharing” malarkey, and at the moment (with that MSc-related weight gain I mentioned) my self-confidence isn’t top dollar so the first one will be…a bit tongue-in-cheek. But with a purpose.



dress – NHS standard issue!

cardigan – charity shop (Barnardos, Felixstowe)

boots – Tesco

tights – Asda

brooch – Mollie Makes kit

pin badge – gift (designer: Kate Broughton)

I wear this outfit more than any other. Five days a week (as of last week) I am a community cancer support worker. My job is busy, tiring (emotionally, mentally, physically), unpredictable and the pay isn’t great. But I love it.

Pros of wearing a uniform for work:

1. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear to work every day – I just fling this thing on!

2. Taking off my uniform at the end of the working day helps me switch off from “work-mode”

3. I get a tax break for laundry!! Hah.

I promise future outfit posts will be a little less…silly? But I thought this one would be a good place to start, as it’s pretty important to me right now.

What do you wear for work?